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Rabbits Reviews:
"One of the definitions of the word "disgrace" is "the state of being out of favor; exclusion from favor, confidence, or trust." However, the gorgeous babes involved in the scenes at Cum Disgrace are definitely in favor and the only things they are excluded from are their panties.
While Cum Disgrace presents good hardcore content, there are some interesting things that should be pointed out when it comes to the way the scenes are set up and the content therein.

There are 10 episodes available so far and each one begins and ends with a discussion with the babe from that scene. The initial discussion is about what is going to take place and what they can and can’t do to her during it. The discussion after the scene is just to confirm that everything was okay and that she entered willingly into everything that just took place.
I enjoy anything that lets me get a better sense of the chicks and their personality, but these interviews almost felt like the producers were covering their asses and wanted to get it on tape that everything was on the up and up.

Each episode comes with a large set of good-looking pics that you can download in a Zip file as well as a video. The movie can be streamed directly on the site in a nice Flash player or downloaded in HD MPEG or Windows Media formats.
The scenes combine a few porn niches. You got your standard hardcore action. You got some BDSM play with bondage, ball-gags, spanking and some general dominating fun. Then you got all the cum. While there is generally one dude enjoying a couple of chicks, there are a bunch of guys around who end up busting a load on a pretty face at some point.

And finally, there are the fake cocks. While many of the cocks and cum loads are totally real, each scene I checked out also had one or two huge fake cum shots from a fake dick. Normally, when a site goes for the silly fake cock thing that is the whole premise, but on this site they like to just throw in the fake ones randomly among the mostly real ones.

The site is only updating every two weeks, so it is going to take a little time before it has reached a good size. However, your membership gets you access to a great network of 22 other sites, including 40 Oz Bounce, Euro Humpers and MILF Humiliation, to name a few. Cum Disgrace is too small to be worth it yet, but it is growing and the network as a whole is worth your time and money."

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